Cynthia Lie & Co Run A Criminal Enterprise Using The Courts Profiting From Pedophiles & False Domestic Violence, Destorying Kids, Extorting Money From Parents & Hiding Behind Judicial Immunity

Cynthia Lie

Cynthia Lie (License #177986)
Abuse of discrestion, collusion, racism, feminist, anti Trump, anti men.

BJ Fadem

Brenda Joy (BJ) Fadem (License #118819)
BJ's mother wanted a boy so BJ had many sex surgeries to be a man. BJ despises men, kids and has spent his life destroying them.

Nathalie Da Costa Ferro

Nathalie Lezama Ferro (License #268398)
Extortion, false billing, malicious prosecution, siphoning, defraudin the court. An extortionist that profits by trolling family courts. Goes by numerous names to hide her fraudulent schemes.

Katrina Ohde

A corrupt district attorney in San Jose, Santa Clara County, California that has betrayed the public trust. Must be disbarred.

Joe Perez

A dirty cop on the take. Currently being sued for falslifying evidence that sent an innocent man to prison for 17 years.

Kevin Boileau

Kevin Boileau (License #131837)
Disbarred in Washington but licensed in California as an expert in women for raping and extorting money from women.

Shalini Venktash

Shalini Venktash (LMFT License #84805)
Writes false court orders for corrupts lawyers to seperate kids and parents to extract every penny from parents to see their kids.